Stock Clearance Offer

As one of Scotland’s largest suppliers of shower boards we regularly build up excess stock of shower boards of the same colours but different manufacturing batch numbers.

This means the pattern will match but there will be a difference in colour (warmer or cooler) and shading (lighter or darker).

As we always need space for new stock arriving, we offer these boards at massively reduced prices.

These always sell quickly as customers use them to panel: sheds / garages / man caves / staff areas for businesses / rental property bathrooms

Set of 8 Boards

1mtr wide x 2.4 mtrs high x 10mm thick T&G PVC

£240 inc vat
(£30.00 per board)

These are the conditions of the offer

Please note the 8 boards are made up of various batch numbers

There will definitely be colour and shading differences between the different batches

Do not buy if the shading must match!

Boards are sold in multiples of 8

We will not sell in smaller quantities

Leftover boards cannot be returned if you use less than 8

Price includes vat

No refunds

No returns

Colours available

White Marble

Carrara Marble

Arctic Sparkle

White String

(Only one set of each colour available)